Copyright Protection and Public Awareness Network Platform


This platform is created in order to promote Japan’s copyright protection activities that would strengthen Japan’s countermeasures against copyright infringers upon Japanese contents in overseas countries as well as her public awareness activities organized by both national and private organizations to prevent illegal distribution of the Japanese contents, so that we can promote copyright educational materials, copyright seminar and other such activities in Japan and establish mutual co-operation and build relationship with the countries, through the government offices, IPR organizations, centralized control organizations and other bodies of Japan and such countries.

About Copyright Education in Japan

Agency for Cultural affairs publishes various materials to learn copyright, creates the database to search copyright-related information and holds training seminars for specific learners and other seminars.
Also, this platform provides information on educational materials to support copyright education created by Agency for Cultural Affairs and other copyright-related organizations, and on the copyright-related events and other such events.

Countries Concerned & Their Organizations

Considering, amongst the ASEAN nations, each country’s current status of the legal system and economic conditions as well as the countries where infringement upon Japan’s copyrighted works is increasing in accordance with the increase of the legitimate distribution and business development of such works, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, this platform deals with relative government organizations, IPR organizations, central control organizations and other bodies of Japan and such countries.

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